VolunteerNet Privacy Statement

This Privacy Policy applies to personal and other information collected on the VolunteerNet website: www.volunteernet.org.nz 

You can view VolunteerNet without the need to disclose any personal information to us.  You will need to provide some personal information if you elect to register with VolunteerNet, which will give you access and the ability to utilise VolunteerNet’s services connecting volunteers with events throughout New Zealand.

After registering with VolunteerNet, registered volunteers and organisations are then able to add information (which may include personal information) for the purpose of facilitating volunteering opportunities.

Information that is collected by VolunteerNet and disclosed by you when using VolunteerNet will be held the third party host of VolunteerNet (and used only for administering the website) and certain NZAEP staff. If published by you, it may be viewed by other users of VolunteerNet.

NZAEP will only share information that has been collected and disclosed with other third parties if that disclosure is required or permitted by the Privacy Act 1993 or as otherwise required or permitted by law. 

As set out in these Terms and Conditions above, VolunteerNet facilitates an exchange of information (including personal information) that is supplied by registered volunteers and registered organisations. Personal information will be used for the purposes it was provided to VolunteerNet and as consented to (as between users).

Those purposes include:

  • Sending registered volunteers and organisations event updates;
  • Facilitating invitations from registered organisations to registered volunteers about volunteering opportunities;
  • Facilitating applications from registered volunteers to registered organisations about  volunteering opportunities;
  • Matching registered volunteers with volunteering opportunities in their location posted on VolunteerNet by registered organisations,
  • Informing registered volunteers via email about volunteering opportunities posted on the website;
  • General correspondence as required, including for non-compulsory research purposes; and
  • Information, including personal information, regarding users may be collected and used for statistical purposes in determining the use of the website and volunteering trends in general.

Exchange of the personal information that a registered volunteer supplies to VolunteerNet only occurs with registered organisations in the following circumstances:

  • When a registered volunteer accepts an invitation from a registered organisation;
  • When a registered organisation accepts an application from a registered volunteer; and
  • When a registered volunteer chooses to upload a CV that contains information and personal information, and this information is accessed by a registered organisation.

Registered volunteers and registered organisations may amend, update or unregister their personal or other information at any time by editing or deleting their profile on VolunteerNet (by logging in to VolunteerNet and editing their profile on their dashboard):



If you have any general queries regarding privacy issues, please contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner  or call:

Phone: 09-302 8655 or 0800 803 909 

Fax: 09-302 2305

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